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I’m sorry it’s taking so long for the next chapter. I’m nearly finished with it but I’m also working on the first chapter to the next story. I like to publish the two of them at the same time, so bear with me! Both shall be up within the next week!

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*One Shot*

While being held by S.H.I.E.L.D. for his crimes against humanity, Loki and Fury are interrupted by a young agent, who bears a striking resemblance to a woman who was close to the god hundreds of years ago.

Fury notices the change in the tricksters demeanor in an instant, and makes a mental note to use this information to his advantage when the opportunity presents itself

Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with Etheldrea and I’m really sorry about that, but this blog is technically also for my other fanfics, and I just had to reblog this. See, a couple months ago, this lovely lady Begita had gifset requests going on and I had been waiting, quite honestly, about ten months to finally be on when they were open. When I was on vacation, I saw they were open and immediately put in my request.

I have since removed it from, but I had a Marvel Movie universe story going on, and the above was going to be a plot plan I had. This scene was the first one I came up with but after I started writing for Sherlock, there was no way I could go back to the above story. I do hope to go back to it someday, but to see one of the first scenes I ever made up come to life is an absolute dream come true.

All my thanks to Begita! She has made the rest of my life!

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Surprise! I tried to make a page like from Sherlock: The Casebook. Etheldrea is purple, Sherlock green, and John yellow. I think Etheldrea would be the one to hate the photo that’s everyone’s favorite.

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Happy back to school day(s). Today was my first day of college, and it’s been pretty brilliant. I hope you lovelies are having awesome days at school, if not I hope what I’m about to post will make it better!

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Etheldrea Learns About Her Dad

When Lestrade let go, she turned away for a moment, straightened herself up and put on a stiff-upper lip. She grabbed her notebook and pen, and then turned to Lestrade.

"I’m terribly sorry for wasting your time, Inspector. I’ll be off now."

"Ethel …" he sighed.

She turned and walked to Mycroft, ignoring Donovan and Anderson, the latter of which was looking as though he himself had killed Sherlock. She kept her face expressionless as she followed Mycroft out to his car, ignoring all the pitying looks she received.


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Not kidding, this chapter really hurt to write.

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I meant to write, really I did but life gets in the way. I hope you all can forgive me. No-excuse-excuse under the cut.

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Hey guys, a new chapter has been updated. It might be a little bit before you can see it though as it’s nearly 1 AM PDT and I just posted it like now. Sorry it took so long to get up. After vacation, I had some stuff to sign and fill out for college and it’s just so frustrating.

Hey, just found out it might work. Try this link. Damn email never told me anything.

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Hey guys! New chapter should be up by Monday if not tomorrow. Here’s an Etheldrea I made on Doll Divine using Waveria doll maker. I’m on an annual vacation with my family right now, but we’re getting wifi on the actual campgrounds so the already awesome trip just got better!

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Had to deal with a longer than normal family game night, but’s still today where I am. As promised, next chapter of The Greatest Man. Now we enter The Reichnbach Fall! Won’t lie, I’m mildly terrified because I know how I’m ending this. Prepare for all the hurt!